Another Halloween Show!

The Jimmy Psycho Experiment – Grim, Grinning, Ghosts
Bing Crosby & Boris Karloff – The Halloween Song
Todd Rollins – I’m the Boogey Man
Southern Culture on the Skids – Torture – Zombified
Prairie Ramblers – Ghost in the Graveyard
Hank Mizell – Jungle Rock
Bob Luman – In the Deep Dark Jungle
Flat Duo Jets – Jungle Drums
C.W. Stoneking – Jungle Blues
Pastels – Jungle Run
Diablito – The Jungle
The Sirocco Brothers – The Screaming Skull
Southern Culture on the Skids – Skullbucket
Nekromantix – Trick Or Treat
The Swingin’ Neckbreakers – No Costume, No Candy
The Legendary Invisible Men – Spooks Night Out
The Cramps – Goo Goo Muck – Off the Bone
Flametrick Subs – Stew Of You – Voo Doo Doo
The Raymen – White Witchdoctor
The Sirocco Brothers – My Pretty Witch
Kip Tyler – She’s My Witch
The Delta Bombers – Witch Doctor
Elroy Dietzel – Rock-n-Bones – VA: Rockin’ Bones
Satan’s Pilgrims – Boneshaker
Putney Dandridge – The Skeleton in the Closet
The Five Jones Boys – Mr. Ghost Goes to Town
Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees – With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
The Raymen – Psycho
Nick Curran – Psycho
Johnny Ramos – Slasher Suzy
Ricochets – Runnin’ Wild
Meteors – Fear of the Dark
April Mae & the June Bugs – She’s a Witch*
Dakhota Romero – La Llorona (single for Dia de Muertos)