*denotes new music

Tonight’s show featured lots of songs to get you dancing!

Dorsey Burnette – Bertha Lou
Janis & Her Boyfriends – Bang Bang
Rick Nelson – Believe What You Say
Pat Ferguson – Fool I Am
Billy Brown – Did We Have a Party
Sid King & the Five Strings – Good Rockin’ Baby
Jackie Gotroe – Lobo Jones
Jack Rabbit Slim- Wolf Call
The Sirocco Brothers, Lone Worlf
They Rayford Brothers – I’m the Wolfman
J.D. McPherson – Wolf Teeth
Sonny George – Hillbilly Wolfman
Ray Vict – Bop Stop Rock
The Sirocco Brothers – Bop
Al Ferrier – Let’s Go Bopping Tonight
Ronnie Self – Bop-A-Lena
Wildfire Willie & the Ramblers – Boppin’ It
Sparkle Moore – Rock a Bop
Truitt Forse – Chicken Bop
Marti Brom – Rock Boppin’ Baby
Macy Skipper – Bop Pills
Red Prysock – Hand Clappin’
Abby Girl & the Real Deal – Burnt Toast
Buddy Shaw – Don’t Sweep that Dirt on Me
Glen Glenn – Everybody’s Movin’
Thumper Jones – How Come It
Gene Wyatt – Prettiest Girl at the Dance
Dee & Patty – Gee Whiz
Bobby Lord – Everybody’s Rockin’ But Me
Johnny & Jimmy – I Can’t Find the Doorknob
Ray Campi – You Can’t Catch Me
Busty York – The Girl Can’t Help It
Ronnie Self – Some Things You Can’t Change
Smith’s Ranch Boys – Just Can’t Make My Mind Up Blues
The Twilight Drifters – There’s Another Place I Can’t Go
Slim Slip & the Sliders – You Can’t Fool Me
Southern Culture on the Skids – Devil’s Stompin’ Ground
Dollar Bill – Gibson Stomp
Billy Barnett – Romp and Stomp
Jaycee Hill – Romp Stompin’ Boogie
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys – South Bay Stomp
JP McDermott – Long Beach Stomp*
Moot Davis – Crazy*